Why can’t I believe in individual liberty and social good?

It is silly to believe that because you believe in individual liberty, that you can’t also then believe in social good. Different situations and problems warrant different systems and solutions. Solving every problem with the same system makes no sense. Hybrid systems are typically the most logical for most problems.

Liberty, and social responsibility aren’t exclusionary. You can have a hybrid belief system that incorporates the values of both.

Who is to say someone can’t be a progressive libertarian? What’s wrong with that belief system other than it isn’t accepted by the mainstream? What’s wrong with being a social conservative? Democratic socialism is a hybrid belief system, and plenty of people voted for Bernie Sanders. What’s wrong with that?

The future is not left or right, it is a hybrid system of both.

It’s actually fairly logical that believing in individual liberty is for the collective greater good anyway.

Growth hacker. Technologist. Yogi. Journalist: https://TrentLapinski.com

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