Trent Lapinski Alt Right

Apparently when you Google my name, Google now suggests “Trent Lapinski alt right” as a related or recommended search result.

Why Google is doing this I have no idea. Google is spreading fake news about me, so I am writing this post to show up in search results to set the record straight.

Trent Lapinski is to the left of Hillary Clinton, therefore Trent Lapinski is NOT alt right.

For some context, I am a classic or traditional liberal, but honestly it is hard to even really classify me. I hold many progressive values. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and I protest voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 election. I’m pretty sure Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are NOT alt right politicians. I am also pretty sure someone who votes for Green Party and democratic socialist candidates is not alt right.

In fact, Hillary Clinton was too far right of me to vote for her. She is not a liberal like I am, she is a Neo-liberal, which means she wasn’t left enough. Just because I do not like Hillary Clinton as a person, or a political candidate does not change my values or political beliefs. Nor does it make me alt right. If I am to the left of Hillary Clinton, how can I be alt right?

With that said, I absolutely also have libertarian values. Valuing liberty, freedom, and privacy are absolutely compatible with many progressive values. I do not agree with the authoritarian left, censorship, or big government. That is why I am a classic freedom loving liberal who is opposed to authoritarians whether they’re to the left or the right of me.

While I am not a fan of socialism or communism, I do view democratic socialism as a reasonable solution to some problems such as health care (which I believe should be a human right) and the military. The US military is a form of democratic socialism, and that system seems to work pretty well. Different systems and hybrid systems for different use-cases makes perfect sense to me depending on the nature of what you are applying the system to.

I still believe Trump was the lesser of evils between him and Hillary Clinton. Even then, he did not earn my vote. Hillary Clinton was a wolf in sheep clothing, and I sleep well at night knowing she is not President and is no longer in a position to cause endless wars, sell uranium to the Russians, open our borders, and sell the American people to the highest foreign bidders.

Trump has proven himself to be a moderate centrist at best, and I disagree with many of the things he’s done. At the same time, I also have agreed with him on many things such as legalizing hemp and CBD, establishing the US Space Force, and removing the US from intervening in wars with other countries.

For the record:

I support free speech, privacy, and regulations that ensure human rights and protections from monopolies. I believe the government should exist to protect and serve its people from corporations and corruption and not be a vehicle for either.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose, but also believe abortion is ending a life. It is my belief in freedom that over-rides my own personal beliefs on the matter. In many cases I don’t think people should have abortions, but I also do not believe it should be the government’s responsibility to regulate anyones physical bodies or reproductive systems.

I am opposed to censorship and believe in freedom of thought, critical thinking, and the right to debate, publish, and speak even if I disagree with the person I am debating.

I support the right to own a gun.

I do not support any form of racism, including racism against white people.

I support LGBTQ rights; yet I believe there are scientifically only two genders, with the exception of hermaphrodites, with a full spectrum of sexual orientations. With that said, I do not believe in restricting the rights of individuals who choose to switch genders, nor do I believe they should be discriminated against. However, I do not believe we should rewrite science to accommodate personal belief systems and choices.

I believe everyone should have equal sexual rights, including the right to marry whoever they want, but that does not mean society should refuse to acknowledge the biological differences between men and women. I do not see why we can’t live in a world where someone can chose to be gender fluid and not be discriminated against, but also accept the scientific reality of gender differences. At the end of the day, everyone is a human being, and should be judged by who they are as an individual and their contributions to society. If there are situations such as sports or serving in certain positions in the military where biologically a specific gender is optimal for a specific role then individual performance, not personal choice, should determine the outcome of those situations for the safety of everyone involved. In all other situations, everyone should be equal.

I am opposed to pedophilia and incest, as I believe it is psychologically damaging to children and families.

I am opposed to corruption, big banks, big government, big pharma, the Federal Reserve banking system, and anything that has to do with one world governments, new world orders, or any of that nonsense. I believe in decentralization of most societal structures, and do not believe in or support modern centralized economic systems.

Social media should be regulated, and corporations should be punished or dismantled for political discrimination and censorship.

I believe borders and national security are important in ensuring quality of life for American citizens, but I believe we need to create a fair and reasonable path to citizenship for those who value American belief systems and wish to become Americans. People with criminal records, or who pose a threat to quality of life should not be allowed to immigrate to America.

I am also opposed to unnecessary war and foreign intervention. I believe a defensive foreign policy is good foreign policy. I believe the idea of open borders is a wonderful thought, but not realistic given our modern political climate and tribal human nature. Maybe one day humanity will get its act together, but that day is not today.

I believe all drugs, herbs, and supplements should be legalized and regulated for quality and safety.

I am skeptical of vaccines that are not studied, do not disclose their ingredients, and that rely on scientifically unproven theories. I support vaccines that are well researched, disclose their ingredients, and have a proven track record of success without compromising the immune system of the person vaccinated.

I believe we need a new digital bill of rights to ensure the privacy and freedom of individuals in the digital era.

I believe in protecting the environment, but I am opposed to pseudoscience climate change propaganda and taxation of carbon. The US government and other world governments have been modifying our weather since before I was even born. Humans are responsible for weather change, but not in the way they’re telling the public. We need declassification and disclosure of weather modification technology. As well as a focus on sustainability, ending our reliance on fossil fuels, and implementing renewable and free energy sources. Carbon taxes, fuel taxes, etc. are merely another form of taxation.

Taxation is theft. Money is just numbers on a computer screen. I believe we need new monetary systems of value creation, and I believe in crowdsourcing to fund local resources.

I believe true free market capitalism is a valuable system for some use-cases. I do not believe the system we have today in the US is a free market or true capitalism.

I am opposed to social engineering and population control programs like UN Agenda 21, and other nonsense utopian belief systems that end up doing more harm than good.

I am opposed to GMOs, and believe we need to create sustainable farming practices for clean organic healthy foods and water.

I believe health care is a human right, and should be guaranteed to all citizens while also having a free market health care system for those who wish to pay. I believe a free US health care system should function much like the US military, but with protections for patients and doctors providing them access to the latest treatments and medical technology as well as the flexibility to experiment and explore alternative and preventive care. All new nurses and doctors should have the option to serve and be adequately compensated and educated as long as they meet high standards of care. Paid for medical school doctors should be required to serve a minimum of several years before being able to open their own practice.

I believe corrupt regulatory bodies like the FCC, FDA, CDC, and many others should be reformed to serve the people, and not corporations or political interests.

I believe the Deep State needs to be dismantled, and re-organized to benefit the American people to restore Democracy in this country.

The electoral college probably needs to be re-thought or replaced with an incorruptible digital voting system.

I believe education should be a right, and college educations should not be a requirement for most jobs as candidates should be judged on experience not degrees.

I believe Julian Assange is a journalist and deserves the protections of a journalist, and should be freed from confinement, and psychological torture.

I believe the secret space program needs to be declassified, and disclosure of extraterrestrial life is critical to helping the world accept the true nature and reality of our universe.

I believe the technology from these secret space programs needs to be brought to consumers to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible, including free energy technology and advanced health care treatments such as: UV therapy, stem cells, plasma EMF therapy, and others.

I believe the public has the right to disclosure of past advanced human civilizations.

I believe most advertising should be illegal or heavily regulated. Including social media, and political ads.

I believe 5G technology is not safe, and needs to be studied further. I support mesh networking, and decentralized Internet infrastructure using safe technologies that do not pose a risk to human health.

I believe most monopolies that violate human rights need to be regulated, broken up, or dismantled permanently.

I believe we need term limits for Congress.

I believe bankers should be held to the highest of ethical standards much like lawyers and doctors and serve jail time and heavy penalties for any crimes committed.

If you’ve read my beliefs, then you can clearly see I am not alt right. I am so far from the right, and the left that there really isn’t a term to classify me. I also reserve the right to change my mind about any and all of my beliefs as new information becomes available.

Many of the people who are reading this probably think I’m crazy, especially if you read the part about the secret space program, free energy technology, etc. The fact of the matter is I am a hacker. I’ve spent my entire life online reading and researching government leaks, declassified documents, medical research, and studying the nature of our reality and consciousness. Many people are brainwashed, uneducated, or simply do not have the technical skills, curiosity, or mental fortitude to explore the things I’ve spent countless hours researching. I am pretty much a modern Renaissance man with a diverse background in science, technology, philosophy, politics, journalism, marketing, business, product development, economics, futurism, medicine, and much more.

I do not see the World the same way as most people do, and I never will. So stop trying to classify me Google.

I am not alt right, I’m something completely else and much more frightening to the powers that be then a made up political ideology that has nothing to do with reality.



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