So let me get this straight:

Medium pushed all their 3rd party community publishers off the platform, in many cases destroying said communities. Even ended 3rd party domain support.

In recent years, went on a censorship spree, hired 80 people to create their own publications, started pushing mainstream media narratives, and stopped driving traffic to individual users to drive traffic to these publications.

Those publications then failed to grow without Medium driving their traffic, so the 80 paid writers tried to unionize, which Medium busted, so now Ev is basically publicly daring his own staff to quit by making it sound like it is a fair and reasonable pivot for Medium (when it clearly isn't)?

Did I miss anything?

Why should anyone trust Medium at this point?

They've pivoted so many times, and every time they do they screw their users over, and now even their own paid staff writers.

P.S. We'll see if this post even lasts. My accounts shadow banned and I haven't been able to reach my following in years.


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