Hello Dollie, Cloud Hosting eCommerce for WordPress

The future of WordPress is not in selling .zip files or building one-off websites.

Dollie lets developers, agencies, and vendors sell their own custom WordPress solutions pre-configured in the cloud as a click-to-launch Software-as-a-Service similar to SquareSpace or Wix.

We built Dollie because there’s a competitive gap in the market between the hosting companies and the developers who actually build websites, themes, and plugins. I’ve seen agencies and many of my developer friends constantly stuck in the rat race of trying to find that next customer, get that next download, and struggle to build sustainable businesses. This is the struggle I faced with CyberChimps nearly 5-years ago selling one-off WordPress products. Meanwhile, the hosting companies have turned into multi-million and even billion dollar corporations on the backs of these same developers.

Dollie levels the playing field. We’ve built a solution to flip the power dynamic, and give entrepeuner developers the cloud enabled development and eCommerce tools they need to compete on their own terms. By empowering entrepeuner developers to build sustainable products and services and generate reoccurring subscription revenue, we can grow WordPress by helping developers and agencies grow and scale their businesses.

The key is in helping others acquire subscription customers so they can forecast, budget, and bootstrap their businesses in a way I never could when I ran my own theme shop. These are the tools I wish I had when I bootstrapped my own WordPress startup. If you know WordPress and WooCommerce, then you’ll easily be able to use Dollie.

We Help You Automate Your Business

Our team believes in WordPress, so we built everything to function within WordPress and WooCommerce. We are using WordPress and our own technology to provide developers with a cloud enabled WooCommerce install that developers can customize to start selling white-label cloud services immediately. This makes the learning curve minimal as long as a developer is comfortable within WordPress and WooCommerce.

We also don’t control what developers or agencies charge their clients, and we only get paid if they convert subscribing customers to cover the cloud hosting and management costs. For larger agencies and dev shops we even have the capabilities to allow them to select their own cloud providers and partner with Dollie to manage their cloud infrastructure. Everything we’ve built is powered by a scalable enterprise grade cloud orchestration system and is designed to be customizable.

Bringing these enterprise level tools to WordPress developers and giving them the freedom to choose their own business models has simply never been done before. Dollie automates many of the processes developers have had to work around for decades, and makes saving, cloning, deploying, and monetizing WordPress products and services as easy as a few clicks.

We are optimistic that these tools and the freedom we are enabling for our partners will be the point of difference in how developers view their own value in what they can deliver to their clients and customers.

That’s why we’ve built Dollie to turn one-time clients into subscription customers for our partners. Our goal is to help others build and scale sustainable businesses without having to give up their customers to a hosting provider.

Get started today at https://GetDollie.com

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