So let me get this straight:

Medium pushed all their 3rd party community publishers off the platform, in many cases destroying said communities. Even ended 3rd party domain support.

In recent years, went on a censorship spree, hired 80 people to create their own publications, started pushing mainstream media narratives, and stopped driving traffic to individual users to drive traffic to these publications.

Those publications then failed to grow without Medium driving their traffic, so the 80 paid writers tried to unionize, which Medium busted, so now Ev is basically publicly daring his own staff to quit by making it…

The Secrets of Remote Team Management from a remote team manager with over 10 years of experience managing teams remotely.

Ask yourself every day: is what I am about to work on helping me achieve my longterm goals?

Far too many people have created jobs for themselves during this pandemic vs. prioritizing working on their businesses, and on themselves. Many people have just assumed that working from home is the same as working in an office, but it is not.

The reality is working remotely is working in isolation, and you will drive yourself and your team crazy if you…

Can’t believe I have to even say this, but if you support criminals, rapists, registered sex offenders, pedophiles, domestic abusers, and burglars who commit violent acts because you think you share some kind of ideological political beliefs with them please do me a favor and screw off.

I have witnessed far too many people crossing a line I simply can’t be silent about anymore. If you’re an adult, and you are actively lying about the tragic and horrible situation that unfolded in Kenosha with that teenager who was violently attacked and forced to defend himself from criminals partaking in a…

Every American company that took investment money from Tencent should be ashamed of themselves. You undermined your own country, and sold your users out to a communist dictatorship.

Concerning the Executive Order on WeChat and Tencent. It’s vague, and there’s a few ways to interpret the order. It’s unclear if Tencent’s entire USA portfolio is involved. With this said, this is a huge wake up call for the gaming industry and social media. China owns our data.

Tencent owns interest in everything from Fortnite to Reddit to Riot games to Discord. Tencent even produced the last Terminator movie, which was awful. Tencent is an investment arm of the Chinese communist party. The same government currently committing genocide, who was responsible for COVID-19.

Since Tencent’s investment in Reddit for…

A virus potentially escapes a lab in Wuhan, China, followed by months of misinformation campaigns that leads to a global pandemic. Small businesses are forced to shut down, as our rights are stripped from us. As soon as the country is about to re-open: protests, looting, and riots.

The protests are organized, well funded, and using militant tactics. They were clearly planned in advance, and were simply waiting for an opportunity. The George Floyd video goes viral, the media pounces, Antifa resurfaces, pallets of bricks are placed around major cities.

Almost everyone agrees George Floyd was murdered. Most on the…

Can anyone out there explain to me how to reach your audience on Medium anymore?

My following on this site just keeps growing but I have no clue how to reach any of you anymore. Every time I publish now it goes into a black hole. Do I seriously have to publish content within the Medium paywall to access my followers?

Did everyone leave Medium? Is this a ghost town now?

Can I get a list of my followers emails for my email list? These people want to follow me. Why can’t I reach them?

If anyone has any insight to these questions, please reply below. I want to write again, but I don’t know…

Dollie is a turn-key cloud eCommerce solution for WordPress developers, agencies, and vendors to offer white-label cloud hosting services to their customers.

The future of WordPress is not in selling .zip files or building one-off websites.

Dollie lets developers, agencies, and vendors sell their own custom WordPress solutions pre-configured in the cloud as a click-to-launch Software-as-a-Service similar to SquareSpace or Wix.

We built Dollie because there’s a competitive gap in the market between the hosting companies and the developers who actually build websites, themes, and plugins. I’ve seen agencies and many of my developer friends constantly stuck in the rat race of trying to find that next customer, get that next download, and struggle to build sustainable businesses. This is the struggle…

Trent Lapinski interviews Greg Osuri, the CEO of Overclock Labs (, and Akash Network ( In this episode we discuss distributed networks, blockchain technology, and what it takes as an entrepreneur to build amazing tools for other people to use.

Read transcript.

Learn how Google kills competition through anticompetitive behavior. This is the true story of how I tried to compete with YouTube and Google with two of the former founders of Myspace between 2006–2008 on a startup called

Some old files I found related to

For more files, screenshots, and a transcript of this episode visit Techpost.

Trent Lapinski interviews Tailor Tolliver, a cyber security engineer and entrepreneur who also goes by Digital Empress.

In this interview they discuss her entrepreneurial journey and how she got into cyber security, as well as discussing some of the tools of the trade.

Guest: Tailor Tolliver

Host: Trent Lapinski:
Music by kaffekrus:

Trent Lapinski

Growth hacker. Technologist. Yogi. Journalist:

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